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Episode CXLIII

ITE: Zach’s french gangbanging, bad lag, Level 2 IT Support, plastic dicks, le cóme, indie movies, I can’t hate Steve Jobs anymore, “I don’t need a tablet; I got pen and paper”, traditional arabian music, the hobbit sucks because it’s actually a story for retarded children, “I wonder what Ahab is doing”, Are you still metal?, French Electronic Music vs. German Weird Shit and sharing music as a positive thing.

Ben Howard – Oats in the Water
Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Rompi Rompi
Gesaffelstein – Pursuit
Grendel – EPR-EDP
Bid feat. Seu Jorge – E Depois…

Music Bed:
Omar Faruk Tekbilek – Garden of Delight
Omar Faruk Tekbilek – One

Episode CXLII

Welcome to the Future of Metal Podcasting:
ITE: Episode 14(2), “It’s not a total piece of shit”, Jesus Crackers, Zach’s live-in fuck buddies, Ron’s photographic adventures, The Great Nicaraguan TransOceanic Canal Project, Dual Monitors, No glossing over, Sports at the Barber Shop and Facebook likes. Also, somehow, metal. Fuck yeah.

Biomechanical – Fallen In Fear
Moonsorrow – Aurinko Ja Kuu
Ulver – Magic Hollow (The Beau Brummels, 1967)

Lorn – Grandfather

Funki Porcini – Fast Asleep
Funki Porcini – The Ultimately Empty Million Pounds

Episode CXLI

The Podcasting Duo of Doom is back.

ITE: Tacos in my grandma’s closet, Surfing, LA Thug Lyf, “They found my doobie in my pocket”, Ron’s Nomadic Adventures, Watches slow you down, Badass Zach, “The third richest man in the world is some mexican dude”, Syrious Business, The president is now in grandma’s closet, Sonata Arctica Sucks/Stratovarius still rocks, Smart Phone’s non-existant evolution, The NSA, Deep pipes into old existing structures, Pussyfootin’, Dune and the future of Metalscape.

Ahab – The Giant
Boomtown Rats – I don’t like Mondays
Fever Ray – If I had a Heart
Herbie Hancock – Rockit
Om – Addis

Music Bed: Funki Porcini – On (album), Kaya Project – And So It Goes (album)

Why is toner so expensive?

Yesterday I fulfilled an old and almost forgotten desire of mine: To own a color laser printer.

I remember the first time I used a printer. A real printer, none of that dot matrix bullshit. It was some sort of cheap inkjet, but the idea that the things you saw on your computer monitor could be printed out (into the real world), fascinated me. Soon after I got myself my very own cheap inkjet and started printing my world. From my head, to my computer, to paper. You might think of this is a little small in terms of transforming ideas into tangible objects (“hey Ron, why didn’t you pick up sculpting asshole?”) but I’ve always been a fan of two dimensional color imaging.

It was in elementary school, back when I didn’t give a shit about anything, that this chick in my class presented a paper for some class with some graphics in it. She let me take a look at it and when I saw the pictures they struck me as odd. They were not blurry or wet looking (the result of inkjet) but instead looked like they had simply appeared into the paper, with beautiful color and sharpness. I then demanded to know what sorcery was this and she said her father owned a color laser printer. I immediately imagined a dark room where a sheet of paper suspended in mid-air was shot at by various colored laser beams until the resulting image was etched into the paper with deadly precision and gorgeous hues (which is not that far away from reality if you think about it).

Anyway, that was a little over 16 years ago and I have never forgotten that magic moment. Since then I’ve owned my share of inkjets. Good, reasonable printers, but no laser magic. And what is life without magic? I’ll tell you what it is; It’s blurry and wet looking. Until now.
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Metalscape Episode CXL

ITE: Cobwebs, How bass drops shaped the entertainment industry, Pitbull, Ron’s underground business, Zach’s gypsy undertakings and travellings, “Ï love banging bitches!”, Wintersun’s Time I, Smoking, Game of Cocks, Vikings, The Metalscapalooza, Opeth says fuck you to all previous members, “Someone somewhere’s living off Metalscape”, please stop.

Metalscape never dies!

Finntroll – Häxbrygd
Wintersun – Darkness And Frost
Igorrr – Tout Petit Moineau
Valravn – Olavur Riddararos
Opeth – I Feel the Dark

Igorr – Infinite Loop (excerpt)

Music Bed
Blockhead – The Music Scene
Dabrye – Instrmntl

Wintersun – Time I (Album Review)

According to the official Metalscape Wintersun “Time” release date counter, it was 7 years and 20 days since the legendary album was announced until it was finally released. That’s a lot of Time indeed, and as such, a lot was expected.

Wintersun’s debut album “Wintersun” is still one of my favorites to date. Great melodies, solid production and all around fantastic songwriting made every song on that album a classic. It’s one of those albums that stays with you and brings fond memories whenever you hear one of its awesome songs. Which is why the news of a second Wintersun album were received with hysterical euphoria among the 5 people who know what a Wintersun is (Jari Maenpaa included).

It actually grew into some sort of religious watch, as the new album’s release had taken on a deeper meaning for some people, and words like “greatest metal album of all time” and “holy shit” where commonly used to describe the advent of what eventually, on the pinnacle of its hype, was to be acclaimed as the event that would supersede the second coming of Jesus Christ, in the form of a metal record.
Anyway, the album got relased to general internet rave. It took me about a month to actually get the album myself and give it a proper listen. I’m not fond of long ass reviews, so here it is in a nutshell: Meh.

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This is not Over

Metalscape never dies. So goes the old saying, and who are you to question the old saying?

I’m halfway settled in my new place, so I’ll share a picture of my new recording studio:
I’ve yet to hang the Metalscape lettering on a wall, and sadly I can’t really call it the Wordless Chamber 3.0 since I share this room with my roomate, but it is now a fully operational podcast recording facility.

I was having some technical difficulties with my computer that prevented me from recording, but now I fixed all of that shit (smooth sailing on Windows 8) and all I need now is a decent pair of headphones. If anyone wants to donate one, feel free to do so.

Expect a new episode soon enough, for this is the year Metalscape shall gloriously rise from darkness, leap across millions of karads of empty space, and come into being inside your headphones for your listening pleasure.

Metalscape – Episode 139

ITE: Immortal Cookies, $50 spending spree, Nicaragua driving, roof leakage, news, Ron static, deviant fart, My Little Pony, I’m not a fag, I’m just a Power Puff Girls Connoiseur, “I don’t particularly care for the children”, Zach Moore: Flight Attendant, Comics, Wintersun and the Cool Part.

Dead Kennedys – Let’s Lynch the Landlord
Gotan Project – Rayuela
Judas Priest – Painkiller
Keelhaul – Pass the Lampshade
Vektor – Cosmic Cortex

Metalscape – Episode CXXXVIII

Metalscape returns with an episode that could may have been relevant about 2 months ago.

ITE: Zach and the future of live podcasting, Higgs’ Turd, Spiders, Flight Adventures, Luca Turilli’s Magic Pyramid Ride, Wintersun, The Man, Prometheus, Amazing Phonetics, Authentic French Pizza in Nicaragua, “Unless I need some ambiance”, Barking, One Lag to Lag them All and space bars.

Commorant – Junta
Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Dark Fate of Atlantis
Ahab – Further South
Tiny Tim – Stay Down Here Where You Belong
Les Fragments de la Nuit – Solarisation
The Melvins – Lexicon Devil
Justice – Brianvision
Masseratti 2lts – SON.ata Costera SONG.era

Music Bed:
Gotan Project – Tango 3.0
Cafe Quijano – Los Grandes Exitos del Sonido Quijano
The Moody Blues – Nights in White Satin
Masseratti 2lts – Folklore No-Tradicional Venezolano #4

Wintersun’s “Time I” actual album cover!

I hope you have a spare computer and monitor ready because this cover art right here will start a chain reaction that starts in the CPU and ends up inside your brain blowing up your mind. Unless someone links me to a picture of Jesus sticking massive amounts of Higg’s bosons up his ass while playing UNO with the Chupacabra, I declare this the greatest image of all TIME I:

Did you see that shit?! Holy fuck I think I even came a little.

7 Years and 20 Days and it's finally out!